At Transformation Agency, we serve our clients through high-impact consulting to identify blindspots, fortify strengths, and implement solutions to empower individuals and organizations to Holistically thrive

We specialize in creating and facilitating awe-inspiring mind enhancing experiences for corporations and CEOs around the world.



We Offer Game-changing Value to three main audience types:


1-to-1 consulting with Paul Cooper. This is designed for individuals who are prepared for an evolutionary quantum leap in their life experience.


A dynamic process which serves to cultivate teams who: communicate clearly, collaborate effectively, solve problems efficiently, and move through interpersonal tensions with grace and ease.


A robust process helping to de-risk the human components of investing by optimizing interpersonal synergy and fortifying the foundational relationships of the people who will put the capital to work.


Studies Show

“The majority of start-up failures are the result of interpersonal challenges between the founders or within the core team.”

For teams working in high-stress environments, proper preparation prevents poor performance when it matters most. We’ve pioneered this process to provide our proprietary framework to support the game-changers actively striving to make our world a better place



Our custom crafted consultancy offerings follow a tried-and-true formula of initiation, implementation and innovation. Our process cures the root causes of problems within individuals and organizations, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

We're here to change the game...
are you ready to level up?

We are far more than this boutique agency you see here online. We are a diverse community of professionals who live and work together, governed by the same systems we teach others to implement. We share a common vision to empower today's leaders with tomorrow's social technologies and organizational infrastructures to accelerate a positive paradigm shift worldwide.


Joanna Taylor

"The love and growth I have received from you and this community is profound and words do not do it justice...I understand the power of belief and thought and what we have been creating is pure magic, it will transform this world and I believe it already has.“

Maia Monasterios

“One of the most profound experienced in community I have had with others dedicated to living this way! Thank you, Paul Cooper, for all you embody and all you share with the world.”

Yahli Rashi

“One thing I’ve felt has been consistent since I met you guys was the endless love, growth and sacrifice you and the core team have been pouring into everything you do. The universe has your back big time and so do I.”

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